Benefits of using Magic Page Plugin and Elementor Pro Together

What is it ?

Magic Page Plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build smooth looking, smartly optimised mass page websites, with ease and speed. You don’t need to be an SEO wizz in order to download and use this plugin, and it also comes with round the clock tech support and help pages.

Elementor Pro is a development of the Elementor standard version. It is a software that provides you with a vast array of professional and easy-to-use tools, built to help you improve your WordPress website. You can customise every aspect of your theme, and visually integrate all design forms seamlessly.

The two work in tandem- MPP is a mass page builder, and you can engage Elementor within it to create single pages with simple, easy-to-use drag and drop templates.

What different types are there?

Magic Page Plugin has a single version to download. Elementor has a standard version, and a pro version, for the more SEO and website-savvy of you. Elementor is also always developing new features for more up-to-date versions.

Who would use each type?

Anyone can use the Magic Page Plugin. As mentioned previously, you do not need to be super techy in order to use this software to your advantage. It is very good value for money, in terms of what you get out of it - all you need is a website, really, and you can easily triple your monetary income with this plugin. Also, if you find anything difficult or get stuck anywhere, there are numerous support systems in place. MPP has a customer Facebook community where you can get answers to your questions 24/7 Facebook Group. Alternatively, the main site offers articles on Frequently Asked Questions for you to look at, and if you don’t find your answers here, there is a tech team available - just book in a slot.
Elementor Pro is now super easy to use, too. Anyone with a blog, website, or business commerce site can use it. It has a dashboard tab which opens up on the side and you can play with every aspect of the website- from changing colours, adding buttons and boxes, and editing layout and options.
MPP and Elementor are for anyone wanting to create anywhere from 1 to 100 websites, be it in Ecommerce, a simple company profile page, or a vlog and blog-style site.

Why would you use MPP & Elementor?

If you have a business, and a website, you would want to use these two pieces of software in order to easily edit and test different versions and layouts, before publishing your site. Magic Page Plugin saves time and resources by building out large sites for you, so you can carry on working. Elementor gives you the possibility to include headlines, subheadlines, import images and videos, and make text changes and variations. You can also edit a variety of colour combinations and fonts, without being forced to rebuild the site from scratch. These changes can be made quickly and easily, with the click of a few buttons.
For example, if you are a restaurant, wanting to make a site where people can purchase food, you can display the options and images with ease, as well as edit pricing lists, menus, and upload reviews and ‘Share’ options, too. Both have extremely robust features which allow you to further your business by creating well-customised, high-class sites.

How would you implement it?

Implementing Magic Page Plugins is extremely simple. Purchase MPP online. After paying for the software, download and install onto any WordPress site. You can then add your API code, followed by your content on the Magic Page. Set the radius you’d like your site to cover, and then publish your dynamic websites.
If you already have Elementor, Elementor Pro should be easy. To install any version, select Plugins on the Dashboard. Click Add New, followed by typing Elementor or Elementor Pro in the search bar to locate the site builder. Select Install, and once that has happened, Activate. What could be easier?

Mike Martin
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