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New Local Website Ranking Software That Ranks Your Website Like Crazy-- Even If You Know Nothing About SEO!!!

Introducing Magic Page Plugin...Local Website Ranking Software that Creates amazing SEO perfect webpages for every single area your business covers all from a single piece of content, making it easy for you to dominate your local industry online.

Imagine what it would be like to...

boost sales by generating 10 or even 100 times more enquiries from customers than you are right now
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quit worrying about what your competitors are doing
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have more money in the bank to afford to sit back, relax and take life a little easier, without stressing about where the next sale is coming from...

Now imagine what it would be like to accomplish those things easily.

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In fact most local areas only receive between 3 and 50 visits each per month, but when all those visits add up to 25,000 and your in the top position for most of them for free, you cant help but make more money

That's why you're going to love Magic Page Plugin.

New Local Website Ranking Software That Ranks Your Website Like Crazy-- Even If You Know Nothing About SEO!!!

Meaning you can attract way more clients than you are right now without spending a fortune on Google Adwords.

Want to grab your prospects attention?

Then you need to be seen in every single area your business covers online.

Want to make more profit from every single client?

Well stop using expensive Adwords because you don't need it anymore.

With Magic Page Plugin you will get 100s or even 1000s of high ranking local webpages that will knock your competition right out of the water and provide an unlimited number of new clients in the areas you want them.

Magic Page Plugin Generates Huge Numbers Of Clients No Matter What Industry Your In!

Magic Page Plugin works for all businesses in every niche... Even if you're selling a service, not a product... If you run a local company of any kind then customers will be searching online for what you have and Magic Page Plugin will put you right in front of them when they do.

If you can write one page of content

You can dominate your local industry with Magic Page Plugin

Magic Page Plugin is incredibly easy to use, even if you're not a web designer or SEO expert.

Create thousands of SEO perfect web pages in 3 simple steps:


Install Magic Page Plugin


Add Your Content To The Magic Page


Set The Radius You Want To Cover

If you can copy and paste then, follow these few simple steps you can take over your local industry online easily.


If you had to pay a Website or SEO company to build all these pages for you it would cost tens of thousands of pounds and take months to complete the project.

Magic Page Plugin


 If your not completely satisfied with your purchase and the results Magic Page Plugin can provide for your business, then we will refund every single penny of your purchase, no questions asked, within 14 days of your purchase. Even if you have already used the software to build your website pages!


Number of Locations Included


Number of Locations

Cyprus 647
South Africa 11777
India 482633
Switzerland 7195
Sweden 27614
Spain 27455
Norway 9142
New Zealand 3431
Netherlands 6911
Italy 17706
Ireland 9445
Germany 77175
France 57809
Denmark 7052
Canada 6129
Austria 14989
Australia 15259
United Kingdom 48058
United States 180777

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