Welcome to the future

Of Ranking Your Website Locally

1. Build a single page. 2. Set a Radius. 3. Watch as the software builds an SEO perfect page for every location your business wants to rank online.

Add a single page of content to your Wordpress website.

All you need to do is create one page of content for your existing website

Choose a radius around your business.

Decide how far from your business you want customer to know about you

Let the software do its Magic and build a page for every single area.

The software will create a page for every area, all with unique geolocation data 

Sit back and watch as the leads you get increase massivly.

Within weeks you will start getting customers in these locations

What our customers say

We love our customers, and they love us

Works perfectly with most themes.

The product works perfectly with Elementor and a good deal of other drag-and-drop page builders so you can design whatever style of page you want easily.

Smart features

We have been doing this for many years so know exactly what you need to succeed and that is why we have a huge array of smart features automatically included.
Dynamic Backlink Builder
Nineteen country location databases
Location database import and export
Over 50 pre built local website templates
Location sets for specific local data 
xFields for storing information
Random link generator 
Footprint minified for security 
Spintax integration site wide
Time based content auto re writes
Dynamic pages created on the fly
Mass export to static pages and posts
Gradually build locations for SEO
Shortcodes for all geolocation data 
Dynamic internal linking structure

How does Magic Page Plugin work?

Watch this quick video where we will explain exactly how Magic Page Plugin works on your website. 

Are You Ready for a smarter website?

Add Magic Page Plugin to your website and watch as you rank in all your local areas for all your money keywords. 
There really is no better or more cost effective way to market your business locally than Magic Page Plugin.