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Ryan (The Hawaiian) Hillstead - Property Developer

Rohin Dua - SEO Expert & Copywriter SEO Service

Ian Charles Pritchard - Video Testimonial

Lloyd Hamilton - SEO Expert Video Testimonial

Customer Testimonials

When I first saw an ad for Magic Page I didn’t have a website, not did I know anything about SEO. I did understand the concept and knew this could be great for my business. Michael Martin has been a great help all the way, from giving tips on how to build the website (he recommended Divi which is great for newbies like me), to providing a whole beginning to end video to show how to set things up. I had some problems at first making it work, so he walked me through all the steps to discover the problem (there was a different plugin causing the issues). Finally we got everything working Saturday night, August 5, 2017. By Sunday morning I was already ranking number one on three of the pages and first page on another. I would definitely recommend Magic Page both for the product and secondly for the great customer service

Dewey McGuirk

Kudos to Michael Martin for his WordPress Plugin product, Magic Page!

Magic Page performs exactly as advertised, creating pages for the areas you desire, and Michael Martin goes above and beyond the call of duty in providing support for his product.

I look forward to continuing to use Magic Page to develop business and for Michael Martin to provide support in the coming years.

Ira Blatt

Magic Page is NOT the classical “make pages for all cities” type of plugin! This is a very smart solution that gets indexed fast in Google and avoids leaving footprints for Google to trace! I did not believe it till I start using it and I got 160 pages indexed in 24 hours in a brand new website. I also got some first page positions in the first 24 hours in a very competitive niche. This plugin is very well optimized for onpage SEO.
Also the authors of this plugin will help you install it and give you advice on how to use it and get the best results with it. The support is amazing!
I recommend it to all that want to get into local leads generation!

Florin Curelaru

I bought the Magic Page plugin to help my clients get more exposure to areas outside of their normal location. It has Saved me a bunch of time and frustration in developing separate pages for each place.

Any problems I have with the plugin have been promptly taken care of. These guys go above and beyond with their customer service and will bend over backward to make sure you’re happy with the plugin and its functionality.

I whole heartedly recommend Magic Page for helping you develop pages for you or your client’s businesses.

When I had an issue with installing my first MagicPage, the response to my issue was fast! They went above and beyond to help me.

Ginger Lane

Thank you Mike for your continued help and service. Magic Page is an Awesome product and you go above and beyond for everyone. Best customer service I’ve had hands down for any product I bought.
Thank You

Ryan Hillestad

What Does Magic Page Do?

Magic Page is the worlds first & only SEO perfect Mass Page Creator.

  • You simply install the plugin onto any WordPress website.
  • Add just 1 page of content regarding your business, message or service.
  • Select the areas you want the site to cover and set the miles radius.
  • Magic Page will take your single piece of content and build thousands or search engine perfect pieces of content for every single area you are targeting.

Once these pages are picked up by the search engines you will see they rank highly in the search sngines for local keywords in every single area that you are targeting.

What Type Of Industry Is Magic Page Good For?

Local Companies - If you run a local company and have a local search for your business for example (locksmith in location). Then this product can will increase your turnover and profit in less than 90 days

National Companies - If you run a national company but your product has some kind of local search for example (kitchen company near area). Then you can have your website ranking in thousands of areas across the country bringing in new clients every single month

Lead Generation - If you want forms completing or you want to generate calls for any local business you can build 1 website, install this plugin and set the radius to have ranking web pages in every single area they cover

Traffic Generation - If you're looking to build sites that generate hundreds and thousands of relevant searches every single month, then all you need to do is find anything that has a local search and then build a website because these pages rank everywhere.

AdSense - Adsense is a spin-off of traffic generation, but if you have anything that gets a lot of local searches, then you can build sites with this software, then insert your Adsense code and get paid every single time they get clicked

List Building - If you're looking to build a list for any industry and you have a great lead magnet with a decent conversion, then you need to get that lead magnet in front of people. Imagine you sell plumbing products and want to build a plumbing list what better way than to include your lead magnet on a plumbing page and rank it for every single area in the whole country

Affiliate Offers - Most people start out making money on the internet as affiliates and they generate income every single time someone buys a product through their link. With this product and an affiliate deal with Amazon and eBay, you can build sites that rank in every area in the country for anything on Amazon or eBay that has a local search. For Example (Where to get a cheap bike in location) they come onto you page that has products from Amazon or eBay and if they buy anything from the site you make money. The same works with where to buy a Childs bed in location or Jeweller in location.

The opportunities for this product really are endless. With over 40,000 searches in Google every second, you really do need to be on the first page of Google in as many areas as you possibly can to earn a great living online.

What Are Magic Page Technical Features?

Magic Page adds Geolocation data to the back end of every single page it generates for better SEO

Magic Page includes location, city, region, county, zip, country, longitude and latitude setting hidden in the back of every single page to help increase rankings

Magic Page takes care of Facebook Open Graph and your Twitter Card on Autopilot

Magic Page structures your data perfectly in line with which is how Google asks you to structure your website so it can rank your site correctly

Magic Page has a unique map on every page that points to the page location and holds the keyword and location data to help rankings

Magic Page has a special linking system that lists the ten closest areas to the current page giving every single page a unique list of links that work like a unique wave style sitemap

Magic Page only ever stores 1 page on your website and that page generates thousands of pages when they are needed by you or the search engines. This ensures even a huge website will run just as fast as a small site.

Magic Page has a location specific data tool which allows you to show different numbers, emails, content and even special offers dependant on where the customer is when they access your page. You can even link to different affiliate offers in different States so advertise mountain bikes in one State whilst advertising thermal clothing in another and even snow tires in another. This can all be done from a single page easily with the Magic Page









Features Explained


Radius Targeting 


To the right-hand side of your Magic Page, you will see a small search box. Simply start typing your location into the box and a list of locations will pop up.


Select your location, set the miles radius and your magic page will build pages that cover every single town and village within that many miles radius of your company location automatically. Radius targeting is 100% unique to our product because it is so complicated to build.


Want to increase or decrease it, then just edit the number and click save and you're done


The image on the right shows an example of a site where I have installed the Texas License then selected Dallas and in the little box I put 1000 miles so it will cover the whole State.


Clever Linking System


The Clever Linking System is another feature that is 100% unique to our product and it works amazingly across your site.


Google wants link diversity and it doesn't want you simply adding 1000 links to the bottom of 


your page. We have developed a system where the page you are currently on links to the closest areas to it.


This is so amazing because it changes for every single page and area on your site. In short every single area in the USA has 10 different locations closer to it than any other, so every page has unique links.


The page to the right-hand side has 10 links below it which are the 10 closest locations to Bakersfield CA. You can increase this number from 10 very easily inside you page editor so there are for example 50 local areas or 5 if you prefer.


This works like a Stadium Wave when Google travels through your site, every single page links to different pages, but it's also never ending as every page has 10 links to 10 different pages so it can literally continue through the links forever like a Stadium Wave at a Soccer Stadium.


Multi Radius Targeting


Multi Radius Targeting is again 100% unique to us and is something we designed for our larger clients who have multi locations and want to cover within a set mile radius from location 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on.


This enables you to put multiple entries inside the search bar on the right so that you Magic Page Plugin builds pages for every single town and village within the set radius of all your or your client locations.


If you take a look at the image on the right you will see an example we have used on a site in California which covers a set miles radius around specified locations so that your client doesn't get calls from areas they don't cover.


We really are the only company that offers this type of unique targeting and using our plugin you can offer clients with multi locations super targeted traffic from their site. If you were to do this manually you are talking weeks if not months of work. Just finding all the correct locations would take days if not weeks to do.


Local Map On Every Page


We provide a local map on every single page of the site which when waved over it confirms the location. This is done for Google to ensure that every single page ranks well because of the Map settings.


We have also included in the back end of every single Magic Page on your site a special Geo targeting meta system that makes every page appear super local and targeted to Google helping your rankings a lot. The image is from one of our UK sites.


As you can see this includes longitude, latitude, area, county, postcode or zip, region and even country. This is hidden in the back end of every single page on your site along with, Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Card and much much more.


6 Simple Steps To Set Up


This Plugin has been made with simplicity in Mind. Everything you need is switched on, so you can limit them, or leave them and they will work. Because of this, we have managed to develop it with a 6 simple step installation process as follows:


Step 1: Install the plugin


Step 2: Copy & Paste your API Key in to activate the plugin


Step 3: Click and install your State database or all the databases for every State in the USA


Step 4: Search Google Maps API Key in Google then click create and activate the key then paste it into your settings.


Step 5: Select your office or multiple office locations, then set miles radius or leave set to 1000 miles to cover the whole state


Step 6: Add your content into the Magic Page using short codes for locations etc and the page will magically build a page for every single town and village in your selected area, or in the whole state, or the whole country if you have a national license.


Unlimited Installs On Unlimited Websites 


We have developed this plugin from our own business model and we know it works and that is why we are giving you unlimited installs on unlimited sites. No limitations. Your sites, client sites we don't really care as long as we don't catch you sharing the plugin.


Check out the training page where we show you how well sites rank after just 7 days of being built. 



Calls We Generated In 3 Months Using Magic Page For A Single Company

Magic Page Plugin - The Worlds Only SEO Perfect Mass Page Creator
Magic Page Plugin - The Worlds Only SEO Perfect Mass Page Creator
Magic Page Plugin - The Worlds Only SEO Perfect Mass Page Creator

Licensing Options




Australia License - 12,300 Locations - BUY NOW $99

Austria License - 14,900 Locations - BUY NOW $99

Canada License - 6,100 Locations - BUY NOW $99

Denmark License - 7,000 Locations - BUY NOW $99

France License - 57,800 Locations - BUY NOW $199

Germany License - 77,100 Locations - BUY NOW $199

India License - 482,800 Locations - BUY NOW $199

Ireland License - 8,500 Locations - BUY NOW $99 

Italy License - 17,600 Locations - BUY NOW $99

Netherlands License - 6,800 Locations - BUY NOW $99

New Zealand License - 3,400 Locations - BUY NOW $49

Norway License - 9,000 Locations - BUY NOW $99

South Africa License - 11,700 Locations - BUY NOW $99

Spain License - 27,400 Locations - BUY NOW $149

Sweden License - 27,500 Locations - BUY NOW $149

Switzerland License - 7,100 Locations - BUY NOW $99

USA State License - Up To 10,000 Locations - BUY NOW $27

USA National License - 180,000 Locations - BUY NOW $270

USA Lifetime State License - Up To 10,000 Locations - BUY NOW $127

USA National Lifetime License - 180,000 Locations - BUY NOW $1270

100% Money Back Guarantee

Use our product for 90 days and if your organic website traffic has not increased we will give you 100% of your money back and you can keep the product for FREE forever. There are just 2 really simple rules below:

Rule #1

You must put at least 1000 words of content on your page and we will advise you how to make it more SEO friendly when it is finished.

Rule #2

On request we will give you a Google Analytics tracking code that you can put into your website so we can monitor your webiste traffic for you.

This guarantee is only for business owners who already have a company website. Strictly no internet companies, seo companies, marketing companies, affiliate marketers or companies from outside the USA.

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