What to Use to Rank Sites

Search engines use an algorithm which has more than two hundred ranking ‘factors’. These are factors such as a well-rounded experience of the site, speed, quality, links, and on-page optimisation, among other things. Here are some tips to rank better in searches:


You ideally want to rank up within the top five search results on Google - the quickest way to get up there is by using keywords. The way search engines decide where you rank is based on the relevance of your content, so including a lot of keywords means your site will perform well. Using a strong keyword in the meta title (a small part of the HTML code within the web page) will also help magnify the relevance of your page to the user, getting them on to your site and your site higher up on the search results.

Meta Titles:

The most central piece of Metadata (a descriptor and information provider of other data) on your site is its title. Ensure you are using the correct HTML tag to have a properly rendered title. The title is responsible for the main headline of your page, which appears in results pages in a search. You can use CMS websites with automated systems to create strong page titles for you.

Meta Description:

Talking about Meta Titles, each site should also have a focused Meta Description (a tag that includes description of the contents of your site). This tag will appear under the title of your page in a google search, and helps the web crawler identify the relevance of your site. It is visible when used on both a mobile or a computer device, so clarity is imperative. Web Crawlers (also known as Spiders, or Spiderbots) are a type of bot, operated typically by a search engine, which systematically searches the internet in order to index downloaded pages. This allows the user to browse and search in a more efficient way. Quality Meta Descriptions typically contain two full sentences; crawlers can sometimes find it difficult to read them if they are unclear, or obfuscated. To increase the relevance, you can also add a couple of links within the description.


When ranking a page, Google uses several factors, among the most significant of these are the number of links coming inbound and outbound. When a page has more reputable and authoritative websites linking to it, they are considered ‘greater quality’. This improves the page's relevancy within the search engine, meaning it will rank higher.

Link Profile:

The number of links coming into your site, as well as linking outbound to other sites. Search engines use algorithms to decipher the amount of links that point to a particular page. The number of links decides how high your site will rank; so if you diversify your link profile, you can almost guarantee a higher search engine ranking. To diversify, do things like link high-authority sites within, and outside of, your niche - but still related to. Link blog directories, and web directories, as well as blog comments for example. As long as all your links are pointing to high-quality content, you will be able to keep a strong link profile. The website should have a strong and easy to follow navigation, which makes it easy and visible to users as well as crawlers.

Magic Page Plugin:

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