Recommended Products

Below are a list of all the products that we recommend you should have to guaranteee your success in the Mass Page Industry.

The Worlds Most Powerful Lead Management Tool

Lead Simplify

Lead Simplify leats you collect, organise, distribute and sell all your leads on complete autopilot.

There is no other lead management tool on the planet which enables this kind of hands off approach to lead collect and sales.

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The Best & Simplest Amazon Affiliate Plugin On The Market

Instant Azon Pro

Discover How You Can INSTANTLY Tap Into Amazon’s 250+ Million Product Marketplace to Create Unlimited Income Streams in Seconds!

Forget about pinning all your hopes on that one website that may or may not lead you to success, and start building an online EMPIRE with Automated Income Streams.

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The Best Social Syndication Tool For The Money

Synd Lab

Social Syndication Web-App Ranks Your Videos and Niche Sites.

Once you’re equipped with the right tools, it actually becomes a very fun and predictable game. Almost like shooting fish in a barrel.

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The Best Theme For Magic Page

Generate Press

The only WordPress theme we recommend for Magic Page Plugin is Generate Press.

It's a clean easy to use theme which is structured perfectly for schema. The FREE version is great but the premium version opens up some awesome possibilities for mass page websites.

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Content Spinning

Spin ReWriter

The Spin ReWriter is probably the most complete content spinner on the planet with over 6 years of updates and an unlimited number of features.

This is the spinner we use and are happy to recommend to all our clients and future clients.

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Page Indexing

Ghost Indexer

Ghost Indexer is by far the best indexer we have found on the market. You do not need proxies, a VPS in fact all you need to run an account with this is a 2Captcha account.

We love its simplicity as you can build a site, copy the URLs and paste them in and move on. If your new to indexing then this indexer will help you avoid making any rookie mistakes.

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Budget Indexing

Index Inject

If you can't afford Ghost Indexer but you still need to index your websites and links, then the best budget option is Index Inject.

This indexer has been getting some really good press in the mass page industry and starts from as little as just $9.99 a month for 10,000 links indexed. (if you cant make a profit with that choose another profession)

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Link Building

Money Robot

Money Robot is perhaps the most advanced automated link building tool on the planet with over 4000 happy customers and growing this really is the best automated SEO tool on the planet.

If you are serious about ranking mass page sites, then this tool is not just a should have, its a must have.

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Affiliate Marketing

JZ Ad-Share

This product is a very simple and easy to use plugin that enables you to advertise any affiliate straight to Facebook whether its blocked or not.

This product comes to you from the developers of Magic Page Plugin and is by far the easiest way to promote JVZoo products on Facebook without needing to build a huge landing page and hiding the link.

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Social Network Management & Mass Posting

Slack Social

This product provides a FREE way to post to all your social networks without many limitations on how much you can do.

If you want to use hundreds of posts then simply upgrade on a month by month basis with no long term contracts.

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Cloning Your Mass Page Sites

WP Twin

If your building Mass Page sites and you don't want to spend thousands on getting site built, then this is perfect for you.

WP Twin is by far the most reliable WordPress Website Cloner we have ever come across and its perfect because its a one time fee.

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