Linking from one site to another with Magic Page.

If you want to build plenty of sites using Magic page and you target for example Florida. You can buy expired domains with good authority then build a link in the magic page using this structure:

<a href=”URL/URLSTRUCTURE/[location]”>Key phrase [location]</a>

This will point hundreds of unique links from 1 Magic Page to another Magic Page Site. Although they come from one URL they are all unique as follows:

Key phrase Miami point to Miami page
Key phrase Key West points to Key West Page
Key phrase Jacksonville points to Jacksonville page
and so on.

Now if you use this technique with 20 Florida sites as follows:

money site set to 1000 mile radius covering whole state.
site 1: radius target Miami 2 mile
site 2: radius target Jacksonville 2 mile
site 3: radius target Key West 2 mile
and so on

using the link structure above you will get about 20 or 30 links from each site pointing to unique keyword specific pages only in the location you are radius targeting.

This can help to push your pages up Google and it can also help if your struggling in one particular area.

This is much more complicated if done on a national site where the DB have been installed individually as the URLS are built by the Plugin when installing them to avoid duplicate URLS or ugly URLS if you only want one state. It can be done but I would learn this method inside out first.

Doing this where the link comes from thousands of areas may be considered spam, but doing it with very small radius can really help push your sites up google.