How To Use The MPP Advanced Schema Builder


What is Schema? Website Schemas are a semantic code of ‘shared’ vocabulary created by search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. In essence, it allows your page to talk to these search engines, enabling a more refined search. The code is created via these search engines, and means schema code can be implanted within HTML, which can be recognised across all search engine platforms.

Simple Schema Builder:

Magic Page Plugin features a Schema Builder which gives you three options; a Disabled option, a Simple Schema Builder, and an Advanced Schema Builder. These features are one of the main reasons MPP is a stronger page builder than many others out there. The Simple Schema Builder is a basic, starter builder, good for if you’re just getting used to the world of web page building. You can opt for the ‘Open Schema Builder’ within the drop-down options given - the fields are mostly pre-populated with their relevant shortcodes to help you get going. This schema builder produces the bare architecture, and simple base of your schema for your site. Fields will include things like Address, Country, Email and Opening Hours, etc.

Advanced Schema Builder:

True to its name, the Advance Schema Builder allows you to create a more complex schema for your site, and to include more developed features. You will be given a number of options to add to your schema - these will include things like Import, Templates, Options, or New Schema, for example. Simply put, each of these features allows you to edit and add to your schema, whilst seeing how it will look to users as you make changes. The Advanced Builder also includes buttons for ‘Preview’, ‘Delete’, and ‘Help’, just to give a few examples.
There will also be a ‘Schema Visualiser’ in the top right corner, showing you which type of schema you are editing, for example ‘Local Business’. You can add to the schema manually by selecting Add Node, or Add Group Node button. All you need to do is give the node a name, and a value.
MPP also gives you the option to Import schema onto your magic pages. The first way to do this is to Scrape it from a webpage (this is the technique of using bots to procure content and data from a website). You need the URL of the site you think has a good schema, and that’s all. Then, select ‘Visualise’ or ‘Preview’ to choose which to import. Bear in mind that some sites have been set up purposefully to block scrapers, and the Advanced Schema Builder will be unable to fetch back the schema in these circumstances. Also - don’t forget to remove the script tags when pasting schema on, or you will end up with multiple Errors.
JSON LD Code - selecting this option, you can simply paste some of its code into the space and click ‘Process’. The system will validate the schema, ready for you to import.
Magic Page Plugin Advanced Schema Builder helps you visualise and customise your new site, as well as make changes in real time. Because it is interactive, you have access to creating fields, property groups, and formula fields. It will also include a code validation tab, where you can check the validity of schemas as you go.

If you’d like to know more detail, check out the video below for more training on how to use this tool:

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