How Does Magic Page Plugin Do Its Inner Linking?

Magic Page Plugin works great for local businesses, and its inner linking process is designed to help you in the search engines. It can help you build a robust web presence by providing dynamic web pages, which are all SEO optimised. This way, you can reach a wider audience as you target wide-ranging geographical locations. It additionally saves you time and resources by allowing you to build a larger site in a shorter amount of time.

MPP’s link structure determines a range of options within the closest location range, information which is based on the geo-tag of each page. This structure operates on a per-page basis, so each page will provide different options, depending on what the location of the user is. For example, if you search ‘DJ near me’ in Hastings, the 10 options it should provide you with will be in Hove, Eastbourne, Bexhill, and so on and so forth. It basically figures out the closest location for every single page used.

It does its Inner Linking via a dynamic feature which selects a specific geographical area to target. This increases your site's visibility in literally - minutes. Also, by customising the radius in which you target your website, you can adjust your website for any number of locations you desire. This linking structure is different for every page, and the software is regularly updated to help rankings in all areas your business wants to work.

Magic Page also has a Facebook Community you can join to provide support and share feedback with each other here: Facebook Group - it also links back to articles such as this, as well as others, for further advice on tech questions.

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