How many websites can I install the Magic Page on?

You can install your Plugin on unlimited sites. We actually recommend building 10 sites for your desired location and watching as your Plugin takes over most of the first page of Google in thousands of areas.

Can I use the plugin on client sites?

Yes the plugin can be used on unlimited sites, either yours or your clients. If you want to dominate an industry then using multiple sites will help you do that easily.

How many words of content should I add to my Magic Page?

We recommend adding between 500 and 5000 words of unique content to the Magic Page to get best results from it.

Will my site stop working if I don’t renew my annual site license?

Your site will never stop working. An annual license means you can install as many sites as you like for 12 months.

Can I add more than one Magic Page to a site?

To improve the SEO of the plugin you should never need to add more than one Magic Page to a single site. Sub domains should be used for additional Magic Pages.

Can I link between my sites for SEO?

Yes there is actually an amazing way to link between these sites to ensure hundreds of thousands of unique links. This is explained in more detail HERE

Yoast SEO?

Our plugin only supports Yoast from version 2.9 and above. If you are using an older plugin, then Yoast will block the title tags. 

If you have any questions or want me to build a video to help you with anything then add me at and inbox me what you need.