Some Amazing Benefits

Easy Radius Targeting:

This feature is 100% unique to Magic Page. You can select the location your business is based in the side bar and put in a miles radius using 2 digits. For example if you put 30 in the box, then your Magic Page will build pages covering every single area within 30 miles radius of your business location.

Multi Radius Targeting:

Ok so some companies have multiple locations. We have added the option to select multiple locations in the side bar and set radiuses for all of them covering only your target locations from every single one of your premises.

Mexican Wave Internal Linking:

We have developed a unique internal page linking structure for Magic Page. Every single page inside the Magic Page Plugin contains between 1 and 100 links to the closest areas to it.

Unique Map For Every Page:

With this simple input [map] you can place a unique local area map on every single page on the WordPress Plugin.

Automatic Geo Location Targeting:

This is a very complicated benefit. In short the Magic Page will geo target every single page to feed google its coordinates as follows:

  • geo.position -1.51285; 53.35757
  • geo.placename Ecclesall
  • geo.county South Yorkshire
  • geo.postcode S11 7
  • geo.region Yorkshire and the Humber
  • England

This is taken from a page in the UK for a town called Ecclesall.

This is amazing for the SEO of every single page on the site.

Its A WordPress Plugin:

Ok so we think the main benefit of this plugin is that installs straight to your existing WordPress Blog. You get an extra tab on the left hand side where you add a new Magic Page which is exactly like adding a normal page or post.

Simple To Install:

This plugin installs just like any other WordPress Plugin. This means you can have it up and running on your site within a 10 minutes.

Simple Configuration:

We have developed this WordPress Plugin with the end user in mind. We know most website owners are not computer programmers and that is why we have made this plugin super simple to use for everyone.

Runs On Regular Hosting:

Even though this plugin is very powerful and can build up to 180,000 pages of content in a matter of seconds, it can still be run on any hosting platform.

Automatic is how Google is asking us to structure our sites so that they can make their search more relevant for people searching online. Its very complicated, but this WordPress Plugin does it on auto pilot.

Automatic Facebook Open Graph:

Again everybody has seen those ugly posts you get when sharing a website on Facebook. This WordPress Plugin makes them look much better helping you to engage with customers easier.

Automatic Twitter Card:

Like with Facebook this WordPress Plugin also makes your Twitter shares look much better.